Citizenship Application Canada

Citizenship Application Canada

Your path to Canadian citizenship is clearer than you think. Get all the immigration law guidance you need.

For generations, Canada has naturalized immigrants from all over the world as citizens. Many of these are skilled professionals who came to work, while others came as refugees, taking advantage of the country’s friendly refugee protection legislation.

Many inevitably choose to settle permanently. Permanent residency does come with its benefits, but there are freedoms and benefits you can only enjoy if you become a full Canadian citizen. While for many permanent residents, Canada’s celebrated values for freedom, social justice, and cultural diversity are major attractions for pursuing Canadian citizenship, the right to a Canadian passport so you can travel without restrictions is a big motivation. So is the right to vote.

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    Who is eligible for Canadian citizenship?

    You may already be a Canadian citizen by descent if you were born in Canada, were born outside Canada and at least one of your legal parents was born in Canada or became a naturalized citizen before you were born, among other scenarios. 

    In the above cases, you may only need to get your proof of citizenship and will not need to lodge an application. Otherwise, you will need to have permanent resident status and have lived in Canada at least 1,095 days before your application. 

    As part of screening for Canadian citizenship, you have to pass a citizenship test, be up-to-date with your taxes, as well as prove your language skills. French and English are the two official languages of Canada.

    There are different or additional requirements if you are applying for an adopted child born outside Canada, are applying for a minor, are a serving or former member of the Canadian Armed Forces, or you have previously revoked your Canadian citizenship and now seek to have it reinstated.

    Not sure if you are already a citizen? Are you a permanent resident applying for Canadian citizenship and aren’t sure how to go about the process? De Sa & Associates’ experienced immigration lawyers are many people’s go-to immigration and citizenship lawyers in Ontario. Let us help you.

    Who is not eligible for Canadian citizenship?

    As welcoming as Canada is to immigrants assuming citizenship in the country, the country has a strict policy that disqualifies certain people. You aren’t eligible if:

    • you have pending fraud cases,
    • your immigration status is under review,
    • you have a removal order (to leave Canada) against you,
    • You have a condition on your permanent resident status, like medical screening, that you have yet to fulfill.

    If you have a criminal record within or outside Canada, you may not be eligible for citizenship for a period of time. 

    You do not automatically become a Canadian citizen if you marry a Canadian. You will have to meet the same qualification criteria as any other non-Canadian and go through the same application process. 

    Canada does, however, allow dual citizenship, although the other country where you are a citizen may not allow it.

    Need help with your Canadian citizenship application?

    There are many possible pathways to Canadian citizenship. You, in fact, may already be a citizen without knowing it. There have also been changes to the citizenship and immigration laws that may affect your eligibility.

    If you are unsure of your citizenship status or are keen to submit an application, you may save yourself a lot of time by using the services of an experienced immigration lawyer. In Ontario, De Sa & Associates’ experienced immigration lawyers are the team to consult.

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