Refugee Protection Lawyers Canada

Refugee Protection Lawyers Canada

If you are fleeing from persecution or displacement, Canada offers a safe place to resettle. We can help you through the process.

Canada has some of the world’s most progressive refugee protection laws. Building on this legal framework, the country continues to offer people escaping wars and persecution a safe place to shelter and rebuild their lives. 

At De Sa & Associates, we take immense pride in Canada’s humanitarian ideals and have committed to simplifying the legal immigration process and make it more accessible to refugees. We use available legal instruments to help displaced and persecuted people find a safe place to resettle in Canada.

The Immigration and Refugee Protection Act spells out Canada’s commitment to and obligations for helping people who show up at her door claiming persecution and displacement. The act also seeks to do so without harming the country’s domestic security and interests. 

To ensure that only deserving cases receive refugee protection and in strict adherence to international human rights instruments, every refugee claim is put to the test. This is where you need our specialist legal services.

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    How do I qualify as a refugee in Canada?

    Any foreign national with genuine fears for their safety and life or who face real risks of cruel treatment or punishment from which their government is unwilling to or cannot protect them can qualify for refugee protection in Canada.

    That said, qualification for refugee protection is not straightforward. The threat for which you are seeking refugee protection must be well-founded. To add to that, without assistance from a Canadian immigration lawyer, the Immigration and Refugee Protection law can be difficult to interpret. 

    Establishing persecution as a basis for refugee protection 

    Persecution for the purposes of refugee protection has to be traced to your race, nationality, religion, political opinion, or a social identity you cannot change, like your gender or sexual orientation. 

    The onus is on you to prove your life or safety would be in danger if you were forced to go back to your country of origin. You have to be clear with what type of persecution you are facing, which could be torture, death threats, or prolonged detention without trial.

    Importantly, you have to show that there is no internal flight alternative – a place in your country where you could live in reasonable safety and free from the claimed persecution. Again, the persecution claim should not be founded on the fear of a legal penalty for a crime one committed in their country.

    A refugee protection lawyer will help you gather the relevant facts and evidence to bolster your case for refugee protection.

    Get timely refugee protection assistance

    It can take a long time for your refugee protection claim to get processed. You can shorten this time and avoid the added stress from the prolonged uncertainty by engaging the services of an immigration lawyer with enough experience in refugee protection issues.

    At De Sa & Associates, we have lawyers with specialist expertise in immigration law and experience with refugee protection in particular. We fully understand the difficulties you have already endured to get to safety and are eager to help you quickly get resettled.

    Your journey to safety has taken so much out of you already. Let us take it from here.

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